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Re: Agatha Christie
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I have read most of her work. I refuse to read Curtain because I know Poirot dies. Other than that, I think I've read them all.

I started reading Agatha Christie when my brother complained that she had lied to prevent the reader from figuring out who the murderer was. He wouldn't tell me which book it was, so I read all five that our library carried. I couldn't find any lies. Misdirection, sure. But no lies.

Over the years I managed to pick up about ten of her books at yard sales. I took them with me when I left home so I would be sure to have some reading material. I reread them several times over the years. My mother would have been appalled! She believed no book should ever be read more than once, and no show or movie should ever be watched more than once. She claimed it would cause diminished intelligence.

I read not too long ago that Christie wrote her first book when dared to try her hand at writing. That gives me hope that I, too, can succeed as an author.