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Re: John le Carré
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I'm not familiar with his work. And right now I lack the money to be able to buy books. I will make a note to check him out the next time I'm at the library. Can you tell me more about him and his series?

Indeed I can! I have only read a few but I can tell you that they are spy novels  ;D ; Smiley however is not your run of the mill fictional spy - his is a psychological espionage where it is the most quick witted and far sited spy that wins the day.

John le Carre himself worked for both the Security Service and the Secret Intelligence Service until 1963 when his third novel The Spy Who Came in from the Coldbecame a best seller, at which point he left MI6 and became a full time author.

So there is a real feel of authentisity to the books and the poiltics surrounding the Intelligence Service that makes them really captivating to read.

Your library should have some if not most of his works - They were and are very popular.
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