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What Are You Reading?
« on: Thursday 14, 2017, 06: pm »

I thought that to start this forum off we could have a thread where we could talk about what we are busy reading; yes a staple of many a forum but unlike other "What Are You Reading" threads I don't want you to just title drop and run, but I would like your thoughts, feelings and impressions on what you have read so far.

Really tell us about what you are reading like you would to a friend over a nice cuppa tea/coffee.

I will start first - I a busy reading The Deed of Paksenrrion by Elizabeth Moon, I am on book two of the series, Divided Allegiance.

So far I have enjoyed the characters as well as the plot, it is a twist on the normal hero saves the day fantasy and I find it easy to sympathise with Paks. She is warm but at the same time, not all mushy as some writers tend to make their warm characters be. The series is a slow one, even though it has a number of big battles it is more of a single POV character driven story so the pace of the plot it dictated by Paks emotional and physical advancement, not by the big events around her.

I only hope that it has a happy ending for her, if it doesn't I am going to feel very cheated after all the attempts I have gained for Paks.
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