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General FAQ's
« on: Monday 04, 2017, 04: pm »

What is Fantastical Book Forums All About?

Well, to be honest, I got tired of the same old song and limited dance that you find on many other writing forums. I wanted a place were both readers and writers could gather as well as a place were writers that wish to support and help their fellow writers could come and support each other free of in groups and out-groups.

How Do I Join Fantastical Forums?

Well, that is easy as clicking the Register button! Bellow the forum title you will see this -

Click Register and follow the easy instructions and there you are a member!

How Do I Add Attachments To My Posts?

Well, you can do that in two ways -

1. You can either load a file from a URL -

In the toolbar above the text box there are two rows of icons, click the first icon in the second row and then Copy Paste your Image URL into the link box.


2. Scroll down past the text box and you will see the blue heading titled: Attachments and other options. Continue past the first set of options until you see -

Then click Choose File, select the image or file you want to be attached and then use the options box directly next to the Choose File box to choose how you want the file displayed.

How Do I Attach More Than One File?

Below the Choose File box, you will see (more attachments) click that and repeat until you have all of you files uploaded!

What is Karma?

It is a Like (like you would find on Facebook or Twitter), but you gain "points" for every like that you gain. It is a way to encurage or simply agree with a post or poster that has put something of value on the forum.

On the otherhand the Boo! button take away karma for those posts that are... um. :D

I will add to this FAQ when there is need... so keep an eye on it and let me know what I am missing.

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