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Hello everyone!


Hello! I love connecting with authors and readers, so this sounds like a great place to do that. I really like the sound of what Fantastical Books Forum is trying to do here, so I'm happy to be a part of it. :) I've been an avid reader ever since I was a young girl. Although I'm pretty open and read a variety of genres, my favorites are fantasy, historical fiction, and literary fiction. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

The Fantastical:
Hellooooooo!!!!!! Welcome and boy are we happy to see you! *happy dance!*

I was hoping that there were others out there that were looking for the same thing that I wanted and created the forum for.

This is the forum for all of those genres, I have a love for fantasy and historical fiction as well. Please feel free to post anything and start anywhere!

And again welcome and thank you for joining!


Welcome and may I say that it is so lovely to see another face! What are some of your favorite series/novels?

Hi! Adding my welcome, too.

I haven't been very active, yet. But I'm trying to change that.  Hope to see you around.


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