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« on: Saturday 02, 2017, 02: pm »
Hello and welcome!

I am Fantastical, owner and the first member of this hopefully wonderful site.

I created Fantastical Books to create a place to help authors perfect their voice and style and at the same time, have an active and open forum for readers.

Yes, you may say that there are other site that are suppose to do that but as a writer I find that they are all to often of a single style of writing and as a reader, I find it hard to find a place with others who enjoy the classics in my favorite genre - Fantasy.

So after a long think I have decided to create Fantastical Books (because all books are fantastical creations) with the aim of giving people a place where it can be a true melting pot of different readers and styles.

I also wish to create a forum where writers can come and interact and gain feedback from their target readers and have a place where readers can help future authors and feel a part of the art form they love.

And so I end this with a hope that slowly Fantastical Forums can become the place I see in my mind. As I am sure you can see, the forum is rather empty at the moment, there are sections that still need to be added and topics to be started but hey! Come in any way and start posting.
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