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Publishing with Barnes and Noble and Nook?
« on: Sunday 31, 2017, 06: pm »

Well, it is true what they say about learning something new every day! Just a few minutes ago I learnt that you can publish your book in both print and e-book format through a Nook and Barnes and Noble project -

In the information the site provided they state that it is free as well as other good sounding benefits like -

Easy-to-Use Content Tools

NOOK Press lets you write, edit, and format your manuscript in one place. Collaborate with friends and editors directly in NOOK Press.

We're Here to Help
We offer email services so you can get all your online publishing questions answered.

No-Cost Self Publishing
With no delivery fees or production costs, NOOK Press is free to use from start to finish.

Amazing Sales Opportunities
Get instant access to millions of readers at NOOK and Barnes &, and increased visibility through multiple merchandising opportunities.

and the print (real book) side of things sound just as perky -

No Cost Self-Publishing
With no production costs and low fees for special orders, creating your print book is easy and free.

Huge Sales Opportunities
Get instant access to millions of readers at Barnes & Top-selling authors get an opportunity for Barnes & Noble store placement and events.

Which sounds cool - you get your book on Barnes and Nobles site and it is pretty much free (if you don't count their cut off the profits)... However, I don't know if I have enough information to say if this is a better choice than say Amazon.

The old adage - better the devil you know comes to mind and plenty of people have pretty much laid out all of Amazon's dirty laundry by now... however... that is also an issue as I know all the flaws and none of them seems to be very outweighed by the benefits of Amazon.

Nookpress seems, on the surface to offer the perks of Amazon - a ready audience and ease of publishing, but with the added thing of being able to say your book is on Barnes and Nobles site.

What do you guys think? Has anyone published with Bookpress? What was the experience like?
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