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This is a great idea!

Let us start with the two main characters, Royce Melborn and Hadrian Blackwater. Both are the most out right badass characters that one might ever wish to come across in a fantasy series.

Royce a former member of the Black Diamond and Assassin is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle surrounded by dead people who looked like they might one day be in the way. Or because they breathed, looked like they were up to something or for any reason really. Royce has issues about not killing people.

Hadrian on the other hand is a open book who just might kill you. But unlike Royce he will feel bad about it afterwards and maybe even say sorry. The son of a small town's Blacksmith, Hadrian is a Swordsman of great skill and in certain parts of Calis a rather famous one. He and Royce somehow manage to not kill each other and on some days could even be called friends and while the back and forth banter and, I just have to say this, some of the best lines I have read in a series for a long time is major part of why this series works it is not the best part.

The best part is the plot. Now most of the time with fantasy series you know what is going to happen… We all know the chosen one will save the day! Or in some cases when the author feels like thinking out of the box, dies.
But Sullivan did something with this series that was different. He managed to surprise me with the ending. This is harder to do than you might know, but he did it. Right until the last chapter I thought the story was going in one direction in just like that out of the blue there was a plot twist that I just did not see coming. And it was not like some last minute plot twists you sometimes see that doesn’t make sense, no as soon as the last chapter came around the whole series just clicked into place.
It was like that moment when you are doing a puzzle and suddenly you can see what the picture is.
It was the moment that took a great series into the halls of Fantasy Fame. If you love a good series that has some great banter between characters as well as just some really kickass fight scenes then this is the series for you!

The Revelations series consists of -

There is now three prequels as well and surprisingly they are are just as good as the original series!

Sullivan has now also started a new series that takes place in the far past of the same world during the time of the Empire. The series is called Legends of the First Empire -

Only the first two books of Legends of teh First Empire have been published. The rest are due during 2018 and 2019.

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